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Accounting-Business SocietyAccounting-Business Society is an academic and professional organization for students who are majoring in any business field. The purpose of the Accounting-Business Society is to foster a greater understanding of the accounting and business professions, to provide an avenue by which students, alumni, accountants, and business persons can interact for the benefit of all, and to provide technical and managerial leadership for other Missouri Valley College campus organizations.

The organization offers activities designed for fun, camaraderie and education. Getting involved on campus is a unique way to develop leadership skills and is an excellent method to meet other students who share common interests. Besides learning about the accounting-business profession in a relaxed atmosphere, the members get a chance to meet other accounting-business majors and potential employers, providing a great networking opportunity.
Christina Wilson & Tracey,
Agricultural Club (Ag Club)Agricultural club strives to promote awareness about Agriculture to the college and community. Our focus is to provide education and professional opportunities in food, fiber, fuel, and more.Dr. Larry
Alpha Chi Honor SocietyWe are a national honor society that accepts students who have shown outstanding academic performance. We attend a national conference each year, where students can present their best work, and try to do service learning work each semester as well.Dr. Chris
Alpha Sigma AlphaNational Women’s Sorority (NPC)
Alpha Sigma PhiNational Men’s Fraternity (IFC) David
Art ClubArt Club is a student-led organization that is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the visual arts on the MVC campus and in the Marshall community. The club organizes student art exhibitions, participates in fundraisers, and hosts visiting artists on the Missouri Valley campus. The club is open to all majors and skill levels.Matthew
Athletic Training Student Organization (ATSO)To build interest and achieve a better working knowledge of athletic training and other allied health fields by sharing ideas, goals, and experiences through meeting, clinics, and other events. David
Biology Club (Bio Club)The Missouri Valley College Biology Club is open to anyone and everyone attending Moval. We love to dive into anything related to Biology and learn everything we can. As a club we take a few fun trips such as Shatto Dairy Farms, Budweiser Clydesdales, and several more. Each year our projects vary, but the goal remains the same. We strive to inform everyone on the importance of Biology and to make our community at Moval a better place. Recently we have planted a Monarch Butterfly Waystation in order to help sustain and grow their population. The Waystation is just the beginning to many projects to come and we all hope the students and staff at Missouri Valley College enjoy all that we do.Michele
Black Student UnionDr. Debbie
Concert BandRon
Concert ChoirThe MVC Choirs offer a variety of vocal opportunities for students. There are three choral groups for students to participate in: Valley Connection Show Choir, MVC Gospel Singers, and MVC Concert Choir. Within these choirs there are also opportunities for solo and small group work. Each choral group has their own diverse style and are open to all interested students.Diana
Diversity NetworkThe Diversity Network is a new campus organization that seeks to provide opportunities for cooperation and support among all people on campus in an accepting, respectful, safe and supportive environment. The immediate goal is to reach out to LGBTQIA students, the Black Student Union, commuter students, religious minorities, and other underserved groups. We extend an invitation to students to tell us what are your needs, how The Diversity Network can help, and how you can help the college community improve. Just contact any member of the committee! Fair warning: If you come to us for help, we will ask you to be part of the solution!
ENACTUSEnactus is a business service learning group that develops projects within the community of Marshall and the surrounding areas to support local businesses, shelters, etc. Our goal is to provide outcomes to better the community through job growth and other opportunities.Beverly
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a non-denominational group that focus on building a relationship with Christ through prayer, devotional time, and fellowship. This group is open to all students, athletic or not and meetings are held every Monday evening.Tom
Flatliners ImprovFlatliners (MVC’s own Improvisational Comedy Troupe) were founded in 2001 and ever since, their performances have been a favorite of Valley’s theatrical offerings. The students involved put on a monthly “Whose Line is it Anyway” formatted improv show for the campus and communityHarold
Instrumental EnsembleRon
International ClubInternational Club was developed to provide international students support and guidance in a new environment. Since the creation of the group, we have invited all interested students in joining. We host different events each year including a celebration for International Week, Valentine’s Day Mall trip, and bake sales.Milena
Islanders ClubIslanders club is opened to any student interested in learning more about the Polynesian and Pacific Coast culture. Our organization choreograph the bonfire dance during Homecoming weekend and many other dances throughout the community.Marilyn
Jazz BandRon
Lambda Alpha EpsilonThis organization provides criminal justice students the tools for growth and improvement through educational activities and contact with law enforcement personnel and agencies in order to promote high standards of ethical conduct, professional training, and unified goals. (Phi Chi Omega Chapter) Bill
Math ClubShare ideas in the field of mathematics and expose students to interesting topics in mathematics. Ed
MVC DrumlineRon
MVC Veterans AssociationScott Campbell
National Association for Music Education (NAfME-C)The National Association for Music Education-Collegiate is a nation wide organization that is in conjunction with the National Association for Music Education. NAfME-C is a professional development organization dedicated to learning beyond the classroom. Its purpose is to provide its members with the opportunity to communicate and learn from members of NAfME-C in different colleges, leaders in the field of music education, and the local music education community. This organization is also a support system for students who are student teaching in the field of music education.James
Non-Profit Leadership Alliance (NLA)Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics) has nearly 70 academic affiliates nationwide. Each of these colleges and universities has a Non-profit Leadership Alliance program that prepares students for non-profit careers and collaborates with the local agencies of our National Non-profit Partners in providing internship and placement opportunities. Included in this section is a list of benefits showing why a campus should become affiliated. Also included are the current affiliates, scheduled expansion meetings and resources of value to our academic partners.Heather
Pi Gamma Mu (PGM)An international Honor Society in Social Sciences, our mission is to encourage and recognize superior scholarship in social science disciplines and to foster cooperation and social service among its members. Pi Gamma Mu serves the various social science disciplines which seek to understand and explain human behavior and social relationships as well as their related problems and issues. Currently, there are around 150 active chapters in the United States and overseas.Tiffany
Pigs and Yams SocietyPromotes Anthropology at MVC, cultural interaction and topics of Anthropological interest; Physical, cultural and Archaeological.Peter
Pre Med ClubProvides fellow Pre Med, Pre-Veterinary, Pre-Dental and other Health profession students the opportunities to interact and provides a better understanding of medical professions.
Psychology Club (Psych Club)The Psychology club is an organization that is made up of anyone interested in the world of psychology. Our focus is to help the community and campus. We service the Westport Retirement home and have activities on campus which includes; psych study night, which gives students the chance to study and ask questions to professors, and movie night, where we host a psychological movie theme for anyone to come watch.Jen
Repertory Dance Ensemble (REP)The Repertory Dance Ensemble presents professional quality dance concerts throughout the year. Dancers from all backgrounds and styles are welcome to audition. REP holds other dance related events throughout the year such as workshops and dance-a-thons.Janie
S-MSTAAn organization of future teachers who engage in projects to help local schools or students. Linda
Show ChoirDiana
Sigma NuNational Men’s Fraternity (IFC) Paul
Sigma Tau DeltaSigma Tau Delta is an International English Honor society. We provide an annual creative journal for the student population to express and share their talents in literature and art.Dr. Jennifer
Student Government AssociationParent organization to all campus organizations. Gives students ability to have an active role in the growth of Missouri Valley College.Brett
Student Missouri State Teacher's AssociationAn organization of future teachers who engage in projects to help local schools and students.Linda
Student Nurses Association (SNA)The Student Nurses Association is comprised of Nursing Majors. SNA works to provide opportunity for personal, intellectual, professional, and social growth of its members. Much of this is incorporated into health information and services that are provided to the campus and community. Each Nursing student is encouraged to cultivate leadership skills within the SNA and through membership in The National Student Nurses’ Association.Douglas
Students For Christ (SFC)We are an organization that discusses a wide range of topics ranging from spirituality to social life. We also provide students who stay on campus during holidays with care packages.Dr. Pam
Tau Kappa EpsilonNational Men’s Fraternity (IFC)
The Delta Published five times per semester by the Mass Communication newspaper classes. The newspaper features journalism work by students and provides news, feature stories, photos, and some advertisements for the college
The Delta Online
The Purple PatchThe Purple Patch gives students an opportunity to see their work in print as they experience the publishing process. Sigma Tau Delta members serve as the editor and editorial staff for the publication; however, students who are not members of Sigma Tau Delta may be invited by the editor to serve as members of the editorial staff. Dr. Jennifer
The SabiduriaMissouri Valley College’s yearbook. Students enrolled in the yearbook course complete the production of the
Theta Phi AlphaNational Women’s Fraternity (NPC)Tiffany
Universal Equality AllianceJen
V-ClubVarsity Letterman’s Club is organized of men and women who earned a varsity letter competing in intercollegiate athletics during their time at Missouri Valley College. This society is made up of current students and alumni. Membership is given to those who are chosen to join.Coach Mike