MVC Student Research Symposium

Posted May 2, 2017

More than 60 students representing nearly two dozen majors presented their work at the spring 2017 Missouri Valley College Student Research Symposium. The two hour poster session included 28 student participants while 35 students gave presentations or performances of their work.

Senior Belen LaFuente Horcajo won the Excellence in Student Research Award for Best Poster for her project “Attachment Style Compatibility and Relationship Success,” senior Tea Mortensen won the Excellence in Student Research Award for Best Performance for her piece “The Unknown” and sophomore Madelyn Deigan won the Excellence in Student Research Award for Best Presentation for her project “Lessons of Epic Texts & their Application in Tang Soo Do Training.”

"What I found most gratifying in one of the sessions I attended was how the students responded to one another's work. They were genuinely engaged with one another and even moved emotionally by one another's work.  It was a sight to see," said Dr. Chris Libby, associate professor of religion and philosophy.

Freshmen Megan Pate (nursing) and Lisa Poletto (marketing) described their experience presenting their research. "I actually enjoyed it. The idea was stressful at first but it was worth it," said Pate. Poletto said, "It was amazing! It is a great opportunity for students to put themselves out there."

The Student Research Symposium is sponsored by the Missouri Valley College Office of Academic Affairs, Alpha Chi, the Division of Business, the Division of Communications, Humanities and Human Services, the Division of Education, the Division of Fine Arts, the MVC Honors Program, the MACC Program, the Division on Math and Sciences, MVC Libraries, the School of Nursing, the Division of Social Sciences and the Division of Health Sciences.


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