Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art Presents Shades of Blue

Posted October 24, 2016

The Missouri Valley College Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art presents Shades of Blue by Artist Thomas Legaspi now through December 10, 2016.

Thomas Legaspi visited campus on October 17 to talk to MVC art students and the community at an opening night art reception. Legaspi teaches at the City University in New York City and does representational paintings that can be seen in the Morris Gallery.

“It was great having Thomas on our campus,” said Morris Gallery Director Charity Woodard. “He was so gracious to share with the students any knowledge he had on painting, and the business of art.  His talk in the Morris Gallery was an explanation of the allegory in his artwork and relates directly to the show’s title, Shades of Blue. Thomas explained how blue was the last color that our human eyes could see, and the Egyptians were the first culture to have a word for the color blue. As you enter the Morris Gallery, a painting by Thomas that is Egyptian inspired with hieroglyph symbols with the word blue sets the stage for the other figurative work.”

For Morris Gallery hours, click here.


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