MVC Online

Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Elementary Education
Missouri Valley College (MVC) and Wentworth Military Academy (WMA)

Courses to be completed at WMA MVC Course Equivalency
BUS204 Macroeconomics (3 hours) EC206 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 hours)
PE120 Lifetime Fitness (1 hour) PE221 Lifetime Wellness (2 hours)
GEG101 World Geography (3 hours) GE250 World Geography (3 hours)


Courses to be completed at WMA Credits

A Semester

ED100 Introduction to Teaching 3
MA210 Math for Elementary Teachers 3
ED260 Education of the Exceptional Child 3
ED245 Art/Music/Movement for Elementary 3
ED205 Portfolio Development 1
ED190 Elementary Practicum 1

(Students must successfully complete College Base Examination prior to the next semester.)

B Semester

ED307 Classroom Management 3
ED311 Educational Psychology 3
ED290 Reading Practicum 2
ED320 Integration of Children's Let & Language Arts 3
ED334 Diagnosis & Remediation of Reading Difficulties 3

Summer Term

ED335 Interpretation Edu Tests & Measurements 3
ED250 Geography for Teachers of Elective (may not be needed if transferred in 67 or more hours and GEG101 completed at WMA) 3

C Semester - Clinical Block

ED330 Arithmetic for Teachers 3
ED311 Teaching Reading Elementary Schools 3
ED332 Methods Teaching Elementary Social Studies 3
ED333 Methods Teaching Elementary Science 3
ED305 Portfolio Development 1
ED350 Clinical Experience* 4

*Must be available all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

D Semester - Student Teaching Block

ED405 Portfolio Development 1
ED420 Student Teaching Seminar 1
ED490 Elementary Student Teaching 12

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