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The Bachelor of Psychology and the Bachelor of Management - Entrepreneurship Concentration degrees at Missouri Valley can be completed exclusively online. General Education Core courses are typically 16 weeks in length, while many degree specific online courses are offered at an accelerated pace, covering the same content over an 8 week session. Many face-to-face traditional students take advantage of online courses during the summer term.

Bachelor of Management - Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Bachelor of Management - Entrepreneurship Concentration degree will equip students in general business, finance, and management principles for application in business. The coursework prepares students to undertake and successfully implement new business ideas and strategies. Students will learn principles and techniques for problem solving and strategic planning from the following subject areas:

  • Accounting
  • Business law
  • Consumer and market behavior
  • Effective communication and leadership
  • Business strategy
  • Finance
  • Labor management

The Entrepreneurial perspective of balancing risk and reward, and seeking alternative, creative paths to desired outcomes is essential in today's dynamic and fast changing business environment. Both the startup business and established enterprise owner or managers will benefit from the program. Students who enroll and complete the curriculum will be well-prepared to begin a career in business or start an enterprise, while those already established in the field will gain skills to continue growth and profit in their firm.

Entrepreneurship Requirements

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Bachelor of Psychology

The Bachelor of Psychology degree centers on understanding the complexities of human behavior and the forces that influence that behavior. Students will explore the major theories and subfields of psychology that represent the foundation for the field of psychology as a whole. Each student will conduct a final research project in psychology to demonstrate their acquired skills and knowledge. The program focus on critical thinking and communication skills in the following areas will prepare students to enter a multitude of potential career opportunities.

  • Personality theories
  • Research methods
  • History of psychology

Graduates who earn the Bachelor of Psychology will be qualified to continue advanced studies in psychology or attain entry-level professional positions at mental health facilities or counseling centers. Those who complete the degree will also be well-equipped to enter a wide range of careers non-specific to the discipline, such as business or education. The study of psychology will help the student develop and understand human behavior through a variety of valuable interpersonal and communication skills.

Psychology Requirements

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