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Online Bachelor of Arts in Management

The Bachelor in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship equips students in understanding the principles of general business management. The program will also provide the tools needed for successful implementation and undertaking of new business ideas and strategies. Students will learn principles and techniques for problem solving and strategic planning from the following subject areas:

  • Accounting
  • Business law
  • Consumer and market behavior
  • Effective communication and leadership
  • Business strategy
  • Finance
  • Labor management

The Entrepreneurial Perspective of balancing risk and reward, and seeking alternative and creative paths to desired outcomes is essential in today's dynamic and fast changing business environment. The challenge of the start-up is valuable for the established enterprise owner manager as well. Students who enroll and complete the program will be prepared to begin a career in business or start an enterprise, and those who are already established in the field will gain useful knowledge to continue to grow and profit in their firm.

Entrepreneurship Requirements

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Online Bachelor of Psychology degree will facilitate students' understanding of the complexities of human behavior and the forces that influence that behavior. This will be done by exploring the major theories and subfields of psychology which will allow students to develop a foundational representation of the field of psychology as a whole. This will culminate in each student conducting their own psychological research - a final project that will require an integration of their gained knowledge. Because of the focus on critical thinking and communication skills, this program will prepare students for a multitude of potential career opportunities.

  • Personality theories
  • Research methods
  • History of psychology

Graduates of the Online Bachelor of Psychology will have the ability to continue advanced studies in psychology or attain entry-level professional positions at mental health facilities or counseling centers. Those who complete the psychology program are also prepared with a solid foundation to enter a wide range of careers that may not be specific to the discipline such as business, education, etc. The study of psychology will help the student develop and understand human behavior through learning a variety of interpersonal and communication skills.

Psychology Requirements

Email Admissions Counselor/Advisor: Kevin Gasser