Courses & Descriptions

CN 501. Counseling Theory (Foundation Course). 3 credit-hours. This course will cover major theories and techniques of counseling. Students will come to understand essential counseling skills, therapist variables that affect the therapeutic process, and the selection of appropriate interventions.

CN 502. Ethics and Professional Orientation (Foundation Course). 3 credit-hours. This course examines professional ethics and legal issues, including professional roles and responsibilities in various counseling settings and areas of professional specialization. The course emphasizes the application of the American Counseling Associationís ethical standards to clinical situations.

CN 503. Relationship Dynamics (Foundation Course). 3 credit-hours. This course will focus on building therapeutic relationships as students learn the theory and skills necessary to forming and maintaining relationships in a clinical setting from the interview to the counseling session. Primary attention will be paid to attaining professional knowledge to foster effective interpersonal skills in multiple professional contexts.

CN 504. Human Lifespan Development (Foundation Course). 3 credit-hours.The course explores theories that describe human growth as a developmental process from infancy through maturity. Special focus will be provided on understanding important developmental stages in order to inform sound counseling practice.

CN 505. Appraisal of the Individual (Foundation Course). 3 credit-hours.The focus of this course is on the analysis of concepts, methods, and procedures utilized to provide a better understanding and evaluation of individuals. This will include the theory and practice of assessing problems through various interviewing techniques and psychological testing methodology.

CN 506. Career Development. 3 credit-hours.The course examines vocational choice theory and the relationship between lifestyle and occupational choice. The course is intended to enhance a studentís ability to help others in the process of making career choices.

CN 507. Group Therapy. 3 credit-hours.Students will consider a variety of theories on the dynamics of group therapy. Students will come to understand the powerful change afforded by this approach and the different models associated with conducting group psychotherapy.

CN 508. Social and Cultural Diversity. 3 credit-hours.This course prepares students to work professionally with individuals from populations diverse in age, disability, religion, gender roles, socio-economic status, urban and rural cultures, and ethnic origins. A primary focus of this course will be exploring cultural differences and understanding personal biases toward individuals from diverse cultures.

CN 509. Research Methods. 3 credit-hours.This course trains a counselor to be an educated consumer of research. It is designed to help the student understand how research can direct best clinical practice and inform theory and interventions for services.

CN 510. Psychopathology I. 3 credit-hours.This course focuses on factors involved in normal and abnormal human behavior. Students explore the etiology and diagnosis of disorders as described in the current issue of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Historical context, current research, principles of lifespan development and cultural diversity, and appropriate treatment for particular diagnoses will be explored. This course is the first of two diagnostic courses, covering approximately half of the DSM disorders.

CN 511. Psychopathology II. 3 credit-hours.This course focuses on factors involved in normal and abnormal development. Students will explore the etiology and diagnosis of disorders as described in the current edition of the DSM. Historical context, current research, principles of lifespan development and cultural diversity, and appropriate treatment for particular diagnoses will be explored. This is the second of two diagnostic courses, covering the major DSM disorders not examined in CN 510 Psychopathology I.

CN 512. Marriage & Family Therapy. 3 credit hours.This course will study the numerous conceptual theories utilized in working with family systems with special attention to the theoretical and practical aspects of working with couples and families, the primary focus falling on systemic interventions. Multiple perspectives will be utilized as students learn to choose techniques that fit specific family situations.

CN 513. Social Psychology. 3 credit-hours.This course explores the etiology and current theories of social psychology. Students will explore the dynamics of group and cultural behavior across many contexts. Special emphasis will be given to research relevant to social psychology that can influence counseling practices and interventions.

CN 514. Children and Adolescent Therapy. 3 credit-hours.This course investigates disorders of this age group and various approaches to treatment. It will entail interviewing techniques, methods of evaluation, and treatment for this age population including an introduction to specialized treatment modalities for children. Ethical standards and legal requirements will also be integrated.

CN 515. Health Psychology. 3 credit-hours.This course teaches students theoretical concepts that will enable them to aid their recipients of counseling services in choosing healthier lifestyles. Models for health behavior change will be explored as well as common medical conditions that benefit from psychosocial interventions.

CN 516. Addictions Counseling. 3 credit-hours.This course focuses on the nature and development of addiction as both an individual and societal problem, with special attention to the properties of addiction, the physical consequences of misuse and treatment issues and skills. This class provides the necessary foundational skills to work with individual who misuse and abuse substances along with understanding the addiction cycle process.

CN 517. Human Sexuality. 3 credit-hours.This course focuses on the sociological, physiological, psychological origins of human sexual behavior with an emphasis on the etiology of abnormal sexual behaviors displayed in the clinical populations. Special focus will be on educating students on assessing and treating topics related to sexual disorders and dysfunction.

CN 521. Practicum. 3 credit-hours.The practicum is designed to give students a limited experience in a specialized area of counseling supervised by both a designated on-site supervisor and a faculty member. Prerequisite: CN 501, CN 502, CN 503, CN 504, CN 505 and 15 additional hours of CN coursework.

CN 522 & CN 523. Internship. 3 credit-hours each.This supervised clinical experience will provide an intensive exposure to the training in the knowledge, skills and attitudes embodied in the role and functions of the professional counselor and will contribute substantially to the continuing personal and professional growth of the student. The Practicum Coordinator will assist students in identifying suitable placements for internships. Prerequisites: CN 521