Freshmen Orientation 2012

Welcome to the Missouri Valley College 2012-2013 Orientation program. We are excited to have the opportunity to help you continue your education and hope to provide superior support. The orientation staff is always available to help with any questions through email or by phone.


Friday, August 17:

Lemonade on the Lawn

BBQ @ Marshall Park-Seminole Court

Pool Party @ Marshall Aquatics Center

Saturday, August 18:

Freshman Activities on the Quad (See below for details.)

Sunday, August 19:

Worship 1pm

Freshman Activities on the Quad

  Activity - Bounce Bounce
  Activity - Brain Scrambler Brain Scrambler The Brain Scrambler is a Word Challenge Activity. Each Freshman TEAM will compile the most words possible in 4 minutes from a set of scrambled letters. There is also a phrase that will use all of the letters, and teams that properly discover the scrambled phrase will be allotted the bonus score. Words must be at least 3 letters to be counted. Points will be earned for each letter in each word with a max of two people writing words. Full team plays!
  Activity - Dress Up Dress Up
  Activity - Hoop It Hoop It The Hoop It Game is a timed team event. Two team member balance a Hula Hoop between them and run to a finish line and back. With no hands, switch with two more members until every person has run at least once. Each team will complete 6 half legs or 12 full legs for this event. All group members participate.
  Activity - Main Squeeze Main Squeeze
  Activity - Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Team Pictures. Every member of the team will pose and have a great time remembering this weekend with a Team Photo. All group members participate.
  Activity - Pyramid Pyramid
  Activity - Tug of War Tug of War
  Activity - Viking Quest Viking Quest The Viking Quest is a hunt to learn more about the Missouri Valley College Campus. Each team will be given a series of clues to discover information around the center of the Missouri Valley College Campus. All Group members participate.
  Activity - Viking Race Viking Race
  Activity - Closing Closing