Student Employment Documents

Welcome to the Missouri Valley College Student Employment Program. Below are all the forms that are required to be completed before the student can be assigned a student employment position. You will need to print and complete each form listed. Please read carefully and look over the forms thoroughly to be sure that nothing is missed. If there are any questions regarding the forms or the Student Employment Program please feel free to contact the Student Employment Coordinator with any questions.

Jessica Gates
Student Employment Coordinator
500 E. College
Marshall, MO 65340
660) 831-4237 Office

Student Employment Job Application

The Student Employment job application allows the student the opportunity to request your top three job preferences. You can view available positions on the Student Employment Positions page. Please read all application steps carefully.

I-9 Form

Read the instructions carefully. On page 7, you will need to fully complete Section Number 1. Section Number 2 will be completed by the Student Employment Coordinator. Page 9 lists various identification options that are required with this form. Please read carefully and make sure that copies of the correct documentation are provided.

W4 Form

Please review the W-4 form complete each section.

ACH Direct Deposit

Banking information is required. Paychecks will be directly deposited into the account provided. This form will also need to be completed in order to update banking information in the future.

Email Agreement Form

All pay stubs will be sent to the students MOVAL email address. Students will receive their payment voucher BEFORE their official pay date.