Student Employment Program

The Student Employment Program is designed to assist students in meeting their financial obligations while providing "hands on" career building opportunities. Students must live on-campus and be packaged with student employment during the Admissions process in order to be eligible to participate in the Student Employment program. Participating students are assigned to on-campus and off-campus positions. The program helps students develop a sense of responsibility along with building credentials to help prepare students for entrance into the job market upon graduation. There are many different jobs available, some of which relate closely to one's major.

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Job Assignments & Scheduling

Students can view all available jobs on the website. Job availability is updated on a daily bases as positions become vacant. Generally, students with higher class standing and those with good work records are given priority. All students are expected to report to their supervisor for scheduling during the first week of classes for the fall and spring semesters. Failure to report during the first week of classes could result in being transferred or terminated from the program.

There is no penalty for choosing not to participate in the program. Students who do not want to participate should contact the Student Employment Coordinator immediately upon making the decision.


Transferring between jobs is possible and will only be considered if the current supervisor will release the student worker or there are medical limitations that prohibit the worker from successfully carrying out job responsibilities. To request a transfer, a Transfer Request Form must be completed. Transfers are on a case-by-case basis and at the approval of the Coordinator.

The Student Employment Pay Structure

The Student Employment program is designed to offer students a means to help defray the cost of a college education while giving them practical work experience. Students are eligible to earn up to $930 each semester - $1,860 annually. Students must work to earn their aid and are required to turn in timesheets for each pay period. There is no penalty if a student does not finish working their allotted hours each semester; however, the student will only be paid for the hours that are completed.

The pay schedule runs from the 16th of each month to the 15th of the following month, while some pay period months may be shortened or lengthened due to breaks. Timesheets are due in the Student Employment Office no later than the 16th of each month, unless notified otherwise. The Student Employment Coordinator will contact supervisors and students via email one week prior to the due date as a reminder to turn in their timesheets. It is the studentís responsibility to make sure that their timesheet is turned in ON TIME. Earnings are directly deposited in the studentís bank account, typically on the 25th of each month (with exceptions if the 25th is on a weekend and holiday breaks) for work completed during the previous pay period.

Most on campus jobs pay $7.65 per hour and students may work up to 121.50 hours per semester. Off campus jobs typically pay $10.00 per hour and students may work up to 93 hours per semester. Students are required to monitor their hours each pay period. If a student is working up to 93 hours per semester they can work up to 23.25 hour per pay period. Students are not allowed to work over their pay period or semester allotment unless approved by the Student Employment Coordinator. Students are not allowed to earn more than $1,860 per year.

Timesheets & Work Productivity

Students are expected to keep their timesheets up to date unless other arrangements have been made with the Student Employment Coordinator. Late timesheets (holidays and weekends excluded) may not be paid until a later pay date. It is the responsibility of the student worker and supervisor to make sure the completed timesheets are turned into the Student Employment Office each month on time. Both the student and supervisor must sign the timesheets. Each student should complete his or her timesheet thoroughly and keep a log of the hours completed to avoid any discrepancies between the records of the Student Employment Office, the supervisor, and the student. If a student is discovered stealing time, falsifying time cards, or is working while scheduled to be in classes, the result will be automatic termination without reinstatement into the Student Employment Program.

Failure to meet the requirements set by the job supervisor or the student employment contract may result in disciplinary actions, notification to the parents or guardians, and/or termination from the Student Employment program without reinstatement.

Conditions & Terms of Financial Aid Employment

In addition to the Institutional Student Employment program, the College also employs students under the Federal Work Study program. Eligible students will be place in on-campus and off-campus locations. Students are limited to an average of 10 Ė 20 hours per week and cannot exceed the $930 awarded for each term, unless approved by the Coordinator. Students must have a valid Student Aid Report (SAR) on file and be Pell eligible in order to be considered for the Federal Work Study program.