Hall of Fame Bylaws


The Missouri Valley College Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1969. The Hall of Fame honors past and present coaches, athletes, and anyone who has made a significant contribution to the Missouri Valley College Athletic Department. During the Hall of Fame’s history 142 individuals and three teams have been inducted. The Hall of Fame membership spans Missouri Valley College's athletic history and includes many of Valley's finest athletes.


The purpose of the Missouri Valley College Hall of Fame is:
To provide recognition and honor to individuals who demonstrate athletic excellence, outstanding support or dedicated service to the athletic programs of Missouri Valley College in one or more of the areas of Athletic achievement, Coaching, Noteworthy accomplishments in athletic related areas, Contributions that bring distinction and honor to Missouri Valley College athletics (usually reserved for non-athletes).

To encourage a strong, continuing bond among those inducted, their families, and the College.

To annually award the Missouri Valley College Hall of Fame Scholarship to a deserving and eligible student. (Information, Criteria, and nomination forms regarding eligibility and the selection process are available in the Athletic Director’s office).

Hall of Fame Board of Directors:

The Hall of Fame Board of Directors selection process will be conducted by the Hall of Fame Committee and approved by the President and Athletic Director of Missouri Valley College.

Each elected member of the Board will serve for three years. Ex-officio members serve by virtue of the college office they hold.

Hall of Fame Board Membership:

Ex-officio, voting members:

  • The College President.
  • Athletic Director.
  • Director of Institutional Advancement.

Elected members of the Board will consist of, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Missouri Valley College Hall of Fame Members.
  • Faculty members of Missouri Valley College.
  • Staff members of Missouri Valley College.
  • V-Club members of Missouri Valley College.
  • Sports Information Director of Missouri Valley College.
  • Coaching staff members of Missouri Valley College.
  • Booster club members of Missouri College.

While not mandatory, it will be a priority to have members who span the history of Missouri Valley College.  The Board of Directors will serve as a committee of the whole unless otherwise determined by the Athletic Director who shall serve as permanent Chair of the Board.

Sub-committees of the Missouri Valley College Hall of Fame:

  • Selection sub-committee.
  • Nomination sub-committee.
  • Induction sub-committee.

Nomination and Selection process:

  • To be eligible, nomination must occur using the official nominating form.
  • Nominees to the Hall of Fame can be made by anyone.
  • Nominees must be submitted to the chairperson of the Nominating sub-committee by January 31, of each year for consideration for induction for the following year.
  • All support materials must be submitted before nominees will be considered.
  • The Hall of Fame Committee (Board of Directors or a sub-committee thereof) will select (6-8) nominees for induction to the Missouri Valley College Hall of Fame each year.
  • Voting shall be conducted by single cast private ballots, with each member voting for (6-8) nominees.  The (6-8) nominees with the most votes will be inducted at the next induction ceremony.
  • Inductees shall be notified by April 15 of each year.
  • Nominees on the ballot and not inducted will automatically carry over for two years with any new nominees.
  • In the event one or more nominees cannot or will not accept membership, the next highest vote recipient(s) shall be selected.
  • No proxy votes shall be permitted.

Criteria for Induction:

  • Outstanding contributions and/or accomplishments in the area of community service, professional advancement, church service, and service to the College.
  • Student-athletes become eligible for admission ten (10) years after their eligibility has expired.
  • Athletes who transfer and graduate from another university are eligible.
  • Letterman/athletes who participated and helped bring recognition and prominence to Missouri Valley College as an undergraduate.
  • Coaches, athletic officials, staff members, other college officials and individuals who have made major contributions to the College Athletic program, though not necessarily as letterman/athletes through a commitment of personal time, effort, and interest.
  • From time to time certain individuals shall be nominated for posthumous induction and in that event, the ten-year limitation shall be waved.
  • From Time to Time Missouri Valley College Athletic Teams may be considered for induction.

Presentation of Awards:

  • A prospective inductee shall be notified of his or her selection by the Chairperson of the Selection Committee via formal communication specifying the date and time of the induction ceremony.
  • Each inductee shall receive a Hall of Fame plaque.
  • A plaque shall be displayed in the Athletic Hall of Fame.
  • The Hall of Fame ceremony shall be conducted at a designated time in conjunction with a College function calculated to substantiate strong attendance.


The above stated standards shall be incorporated by reference into the Bylaws of the Organization.  These procedures may from time to time be amended to reflect experience, development and evolution of the Hall of Fame.  

In order to amend the Hall of Fame procedures and regulations, a proposed amendment must be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration.  Proposed amendments may be submitted to the Board of Directors by any member of the Board.  Approval of proposed amendments requires a two-thirds vote of those in attendance.  An amendment may not be voted upon at the same meeting at which it is introduced unless the same appears upon the meeting agenda and such agenda is mailed or otherwise communicated to each Board member at least one week prior to such meeting.