Missouri Valley College Hall of Fame

41-Game Winning Streak

1941-1948 Football Teams

Class of 2006viking

41 game Win streak 1941-48. The Missouri Valley College football team streak started December 7, 1941 with a win over Rockhurst College 12-6 and ended December 4, 1948 with a loss to Evansville College 7-13. Football was halted at Missouri Valley College due to World War II from 1943-45. The program continued in 1946 and so did the winning ways. These teams and this win streak are still considered one of the greatest achievements in small college football history. From research of the NCAA records and the NAIA records this is how the Missouri Valley College win streak compares to all-time college football win streaks. viking

Wins Team Years
55 Mount Union (NCAA D. III) 2000-03
54 Mount Union (NCAA D. III) 1996-99
47 University of Oklahoma (NCAA D. I) 1953-57
42 Texas A&I (NAIA) 1973-77
41 Missouri Valley College (NAIA) 1941-48
39 University of Washington (NCAA D. I) 1908-14
37 Yale University (NCAA D. I) 1890-93
37 Yale University (NCAA D. I) 1887-89
37 Augustana (NCAA D. III) 1983-86
35 Toledo (NCAA D. I) 1969-71