Missouri Valley College Hall of Fame


William I. “Pop” Ferguson

Class of 1974

“Pop” attended the Academy of Missouri Valley College and then attended Missouri Valley College and graduated in 1897.  Pop then attended the University of Missouri earning his Master Degree in 1931.  In 1940 Pop was bestowed on Honorary Degree from Missouri Valley College.

Pop taught mathematics at Missouri Valley College almost continuously for 68 years, 1899 to 1967.  Pop retired from the faculty on June 1, 1967 and was given the life-time appointment as Professor Emeritus.  Pop worked in Admissions from September 1967 to November 1973.  Pop officially retired from Missouri Valley College in 1973. 

Along the way Pop served as pastor at the Hardeman Community Church for 21 years and at the Memorial Church at Napton for 30 years.

William I. “Pop” Ferguson is a man who most exemplifies the Viking Spirit.