Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment

The Missouri Valley College Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Program is designed to give college-bound students an opportunity to gain college credit for courses taken while they are in high school. Missouri Valley College dual credit / dual enrollment courses are available at a significantly discounted tuition rate.

Students pay $80 per credit hour for their dual credit / dual enrollment courses.

Missouri Valley College is a fully accredited college so credits should transfer simply. Students should contact the college they plan to attend to verify that credits will be accepted. Some colleges have links on their website that allow one to determine if credits will transfer, or students may contact the college's registrar's office and ask about dual credit transfers.

Benefits of Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Classes

  • Complete traditional college core curriculum requirements while still in high school, and thus shorten the amount of time needed to earn a college degree
  • Earn college credit at a significantly discounted rate
  • Take the classes in the familiar setting of high school
  • Receive student pass to all Missouri Valley College regular season fine arts and athletic events

Availability of Classes

Courses are offered four ways:

  • Dual credit courses are offered at the student's own high school taught by approved high school teachers and (on a limited basis) through I-TV (interactive television).
  • Dual enrollment courses are offered on the Missouri Valley College campus and online.


In general, a student must be a junior or senior with a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

How to Enroll

  • Review the Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Handbook and Course Offerings with your parents.
  • Talk to your instructor and counselor about enrolling for college credit and to determine your eligibility.
  • Complete all three forms in the Registration Packet.
  • Give all forms to your instructor or counselor along with a down payment of $240.00.

Kevin Gasser - Dual Credit Coordinator Contact Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Kevin Gasser