Missouri Valley College

2012-2017 Strategic Plan

The College is proud to present its strategic plan for 2012-2017. The finished plan represents the efforts of the entire campus community, looking forward and looking back, to create an ambitious framework for future progress.

In many ways, the College’s core commitments have remained the same throughout its long history. However, the College recognizes the need for plans that are deliberate and thoughtful but also flexible, adaptive, and innovative. With that in mind, the College began its strategic planning process with a review of the College mission in 2009. There was broad participation from the college community during this process and overwhelming agreement about the College’s core values and goals. The revised and reinvigorated mission serves as the foundation for the strategic plan.

From a candid examination of the College’s history and its current strengths and weaknesses, several dominant themes emerged. These themes became the College’s five strategic priorities:

Strategic Priorities

  • Focus on Learning
  • Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Academic and Student Support
  • Effective Use of Resources
  • Culture of Planning and Assessment

The resulting plan was approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2012. It includes goals, strategies, and performance measures for each of the five priority areas. The plan builds on the considerable success the College has experienced over the past decade and also provides direction for continued improvement. As always, student learning remains the top priority.

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