Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning provides leadership and support for campus-wide assessment and planning to increase institutional effectiveness and advance the mission of Missouri Valley College.


  • Efficient
  • Strategic
  • Meaningful


  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive framework for assessment and planning
  • Provide support for campus-wide participation in assessment and planning
  • Compile, analyze, and interpret information that is useful in decision making
  • Facilitate development, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of the strategic plan
  • Support institutional and program accreditation activities

Assessment Advisory Board

The Assessment Advisory Board (AAB) meets monthly with the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning and is involved in many assessment activities.

AAB Goals

  • Promote involvement of all MVC personnel in assessment and planning
  • Encourage a culture of inquiry involving assessment, evidence, evaluation, and action
  • Keep abreast of assessment and planning best practice strategies in higher education

2015-2016 Assessment Advisory Board (AAB)

  • Tracey Hartley1 - Faculty, Business Division
  • Susan Dittmer3 - Faculty, Communications Division
  • Linda Gordon1 - Faculty, Education Division
  • Matt Rahner1 - Faculty, Fine Arts Division
  • Kelley Fuemmeler3 - Faculty, Languages and Humanities Division
  • Allan Wilson8 - Faculty, Math/Science Division
  • Doug Macdonald1 - Faculty, School of Nursing
  • David Tomchuk1 - Faculty, Division of Health Sciences
  • Jennifer Livengood4 - Faculty, Social Science Division
  • Jae Steinkuhler1 - Staff, Library Special Events Coordinator
  • Diane Bartholomew1 - Staff, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs/Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
  • Student - To be selected

Superscript signifies number of years on board, present year included.