Student Success Center

The Office of Student Success brings together a variety of student support services to increase retention and assist in student success. The program focuses on student attendance, academic success, orientation, and other issues for which students might struggle. Students are encouraged to attend every class and use the learning center, counseling center and disability services office if they are struggling in their classes

Schedules for Freshman

As part of a comprehensive effort to increase freshmen retention at MVC, we are taking a deliberate and calculated approach to registration and class selection for incoming students. Based on the students' test scores and high school performance, students will be enrolled in classes that attempt to match their interest areas and aptitudes. Students, who have developmental classes in English or math, will most likely be limited to 14 hours of enrollment. This limitation is designed to make sure that they are not overloaded, as well as to make sure that seats in freshmen level courses remain available throughout the registration period. In the past, these courses were filled quickly and freshmen who registered late were sometimes placed in classes beyond their current skill set.

MVC Attendance Policy

If a student misses three or more classes in a week or has two consecutive absences in the same class, they will receive an e-mail and a meeting will be scheduled with the office of Student Success.

Academic Alert System

Throughout each term, instructors can send academic alerts. The alerts are sent out via e-mail and are a way to alert the students, advisors, and the Student Success center of potential problems with a class. These can be sent, because a student performs badly on an exam, their overall grade becomes low, their attendance needs improvement, they're not turning in assignments or any other reason that an instructor feels is detrimental to the student's success in their class. After the 1st academic alert,the student talks to the instructor. The 2nd alert involves visiting their advisor and a Student Success counselor. The 3rd alert means the student has to meet with a Student Success counselor to set up a contract and create a plan of action.

Student Success Center Contact:

Tamika Drake
Student Success Coordinator / Assistant Volleyball Coach
Office: Ferguson Center, G22
Phone: (660) 831-4016